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Director's Message

Dear students,

Everyone seeks guidance, motivation & inspiration and we are no different. Saraswat Steno Classes is an educational institute that offers a variety of programs and resources to help students enrich their learning, achieve their educational goals, and reach their full potential. Our programs include high-quality digital pattern classes, professional tutoring services, individual attention, practical training, educational consulting services, as well as homestay accommodationsfor students belonging to other districts as well as states.

Each person in this institute is just like family members to me. They all have different characteristics of inspiration that they have given me. Saraswat Steno Classes would not be what it is today without the blessings of my highly motivated and dedicated parent Mr. Subhash Sawaswat and Mrs.Brijesh Saraswat. They show the right path and encourage us to move towards hard work and set a milestone in the path of success. Inspiration is one of the key factors behind every successful person. My inspiration is derived from my Parents. They guided me through some of life's hardest lessons, and they have been there to give me answers to my most troublesome dilemmas. My father has thoroughly shown me that trust and respect go hand in hand. We have a unique relationship and have great bonding, as we can talk about anything. My mother always said to me, "I'll trust you until I find out you're lying to me." This has caused me to fear to lose her trust, but furthermore, it has inspired me to adopt it as my universal motto for trusting others. My mom is one of the biggest inspirations in my entire life. She has taught me the most important thing that I follow every day. She has taught me to always be strong. Being strong relates in many ways. Physically and mentally, I tell myself every day that if I was as strong as my mom, I could do anything I set my mind to.

Our thinking over the years has been influenced and inspired by the ideas, thoughts, works, efforts, researches & writings of many a learned, knowledgeable, talented & wise people and we shall forever stay indebted to them for having inspired us and shown us the right way. It shall not be possible to cover all names who have inspired us through our learning, enlightenment & awakening but at least some of these great luminaries and their works. Just ask our students who got selected in various departments of State Government as well as Govt. of India.

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